I’ve been commissioned by many artists to remix their music: The Naked And FamousSchool of Seven BellsPantha Du Prince, ArovaneBiosphereBalmorhea
Echospace, HeliosISAN, just to name a few. Some remixes have turned out extremely special, even deserving their own 12" vinyl release.

If you would like me to remix your music, all I ask is for you to be familiar with my previous releases, my aesthetic and be professional about it. This goes without say, but please don’t ask me to remix your music for free. You probably wouldn’t walk into a boutique shoe store and ask the shoemaker to make you a pair of shoes for free, right?  Save us both the awkward conversation that’ll consequently ensue.

Having said the above: every project is different, please email me a link to the original track.  It's very important for me to genuinely enjoy the music I'll be working on - this ensures I'll be 100% into it and will go that extra mile to make it exceptional. Simply put:  I wouldn't want my name associated with something I don't believe in.