$50.00 per track for songs under ten (10) minutes long.
$8.00 per minute of audio for songs over ten (10) minutes long.
$25.00 per track for songs under two (2) minutes long.

$75.00 session setup fee. Mastering for multiple formats (Cassette, CD, Digital, and Vinyl), plus any revisions, album sequencing, edits, DDP authoring, MP3 320kbps id3v2 encoding, MFiT and mix consulting are all services included with the setup fee for full-length album and/or EP mastering.

DDP authoring-only: $40.00
Red Book PMCD: $35.00 (up to 2 copies included)


Mixing sessions are billed at $500.00 per song, with $75.00 session setup fee for project. Mixing services include with setup fee are: any revisions, production and arranging consulting, mixdowns to 1/2" tape (upon request), and pre-masters delivery.


$75.00 per hour. 1-hr booking time minimum requiered.


We highly encourage attending the mastering or mixing session whenever is possible. There is no extra charge, so  come hang out here and get away from the city for a bit!

A typical 10-song album analogue mastering session is anywhere between 4 to 6 hours, depending on the length of the material. Mixing sessions on the other hand could take up to 12 hours per song, this depending on many variables (length of the song, number of instruments/tracks, pre-production, etc). 

Every situation is distinct, so please contact us for studio time availability. 


Every project is unique, please email us a link to the original track and tell us more about the project to discuss further.


Stem mastering services for Native Instruments' STEMS format is $250.00 per song. This includes the four stem tracks + stereo mixdown track mastered.
$75.00 session setup fee, which includes encoding for STEMS music format, any revisions, sequencing, edits, multi-format delivery, and mix consulting.


- Payment is required upfront for all new clients. Unless we know you personally, there will be no exceptions.

- Full payment is expected upon agreement to work on any material. Please don't make us chase after you, we don't have the luxury of an assistant! Dealing with flaky people takes time away from actual studio work and affects our ability to offer very affordable rates. 

- Any deposits and/or setup fees are non-refundable.

- Returning clients will receive a 10% discount off the total amount  invoiced.

- Payments can be made securely using PayPal - all major credit cards are accepted.