25 Tracks That Changed The Way I Produced Music

I created a playlist featuring some of my favorite productions since becoming obsessed with music. They all had a significant impact on the way I listen and create my own music.  

From the killer drum sound on David Bowie's "Sound and Vision," the visceral power of Swans "Blackout," the life defining first chords of "Only Shallow" and the impeccable production on Talk Talk's "After The Flood" to the pastoral kosmische of Cluster's "Es War Einmal" and sonic possibilities of Pan Sonic's "Murto Neste."

These tracks have contributed in molding my aesthetic as a producer. Listening back, now with "trained" ears, I find their most important quality is standing the test of time. I still get inspired by these, the same way JAMC's "Reverence" blew my mind the first time I heard it as a freshmen in high school or Slowdive's music became the soundtrack to my teenage years. 

What are some of your favorite productions?

PS: Apologies for creating a playlist with Spotify. Done out of convenience to illustrate some music examples in an organized way online. I owned every single one of those records and Spotify is in no way a substitute to having your own record collection. If you have some time to dig for tracks, please buy the artist's music and support their hard work, preferably buy at your local independent record shop or direct from the artists.