Welcome to the new Black Knoll Studio website!


I’m happy to report the new studio is now fully operational. Looking forward to taking on new projects at the new space - thus far I've worked on some really lovely records this year!

Aside from the studio, I plan to keep a blog here centered around sound recording, mixing and mastering techniques, gear reviews, production tips, and sporadic epic rants (for short outbursts, just follow me on Twitter). Hoping to post a new blog item at least once week (I know, wishful thinking!).

Lastly, I want to give thanks to everyone who helped rebuild my studio. As many of you may know, almost everything I owned got stolen when I moved from Seattle to New York last year. The kind folks at my longtime label, Ghostly International, setup a fundraiser to help repurchase equipment lost. So many kind people contributed and it mostly because of everyone's good will I'm back to work today. So THANK YOU all again, forever grateful!

-- r f l

Rafael Anton Irisarri
Black Knoll Studio • New York