10 Things I Loved In 2015

1. Studio fully up and running. Can't thank everyone enough, such a great outpouring of kindness and well wishes, it's been a a bit overwhelming at times (in a good way!).
2. Composers Doing Normal Shit. Brilliant! 
3. Epic homemade Korean meal at the [F]luister HQ in Dordrecht, NL.
4. Michael Cina’s book “ A Century of Artifice” - beautifully printed.
5. Substrata 1.5 - the final edition in Seattle was magnificent. Couldn’t think of a better way to end it.
6. The Sight Below’s music being used as backdrop for the Carl Sagan Institute.
7. Collaborating and working with an amazing group of artists, labels, colleagues, and friends.
8. This album featuring Harold Budd.  
9. Performing live in Vancouver, BC on this amazing sound system. Shook the building to the core!
10. Visiting the Dream House.